• I'm curious about a certain  internship, but I’m not sure if I’ll like it. What should I do?
Check out the “Student Experiences” tab. It will be updated with student testimonials on past internships. A second opinion from a peer may help you make your decision. Also, if possible, contact/meet with the supervisor of the internship to find out if the position is one you want to pursue.

  • I don’t see any internships on this blog that excite me. What do I do?
This blog will be updated regularly with new opportunities so keep checking back! Also, you can also always do your own research and set up an internship with an organization of your choice.  As long as the internship involves professional writing, editing, and/or research, you should be able to get credit for it.

  • I want to do an internship with an organization or company that, as far as I know, has never worked with a VCU English major. What do I do?
Contact the organization and ask if they have any internship opportunities for someone with communication skills.  As long as a supervisor is willing to work with you to set up a position that meets the requirements of being an English internship, you are free to create one. Once the duties of the internship are established, fill out the necessary paper work and you will be good to go!

  • Do all English internships need to incorporate an editing, research, writing, or teaching component?
Yes, in order to be considered an English internship, the position will have to incorporate one or more of these skills. That does not mean, however, that you cannot do an internship that has a multimedia or arts focus.  For example, one student did an internship with a theater company over the course of which he wrote one-act plays!

  • Can I do an internship that is less than three credits?
Yes, you can. The number of credits you receive will depend on how many hours a week you spend working for the internship. As a general rule, you will receive 3 credits for working 10 hours a week over a 15 week period (1 semester), for a total of 150 hours.  For any internships less than 150 hours you will receive 1 or 2 credits.

  • Are internships paid?
While paid internships do exist, most students have had unpaid positions.  While this can be disappointing, you should remember that--though your work is unpaid--you are gaining professional experience and building your resume.

  • Will I have to write a paper?
Yes, at the end of your internship, you will submit a final project that will include a sample of the work you did over the course of your internship, a 3-5 page paper about your experience, in addition to a 250 word summary narrative for possible publication on this blog.  You can find details about the final project on the Final Project page of this blog.

  • Do you get a letter grade or is it Pass/Fail?
Dr. David Coogan, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, will determine a letter grade for your internship based on your supervisor’s evaluation of your work and your final project.
*If you have any specific questions that are not answered here, please e-mail Dale or stop by Hibbs 319 to talk to a peer advisor!*